Yes! We're going to be at GenCon Online! Sadly not in person but our virtual presence is the next best (and safest!) thing.

We can't wait to share our upcoming releases - Star Wars Unlock!, 7 Wonders, Small World of Warcraft, Pandemic Legacy Season 0 and Splendor Marvel with you all.

Looking forward to seeing you over the GenCon weekend.


  • US date release: November 2020

In this cooperative card game, live 3 adventures in the Star Wars galaxy!

As rebels, smugglers, or imperial agents, search locations, combine items, interact with ships, weapons and droids and solve the puzzles !

With the Unlock! system, experience the thrills of an escape room at home!

© & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.

7 Wonders

  • Game release: September 2020

Lead one of the seven great cities of the Ancient world.

Develop your civilization on a military, scientific, cultural, and economic level.

Once built, will your Wonder bring you glory for millennia to come? No downtime, renewed fun in each game and perfect balance regardless of the number of players.

Small World of Warcraft

  • USA Game Release: September 4th 2020

Small World of Warcraft is a stand-alone board game set in Blizzard’s glorious video game universe, Azeroth.

2-5 players vie for control of several islands in this hostile world and their only hope will be to pick the right combination of races and special powers.

Pandemic Legacy Season 0

  • Release date: October 2020

In Pandemic Legacy: Season 0, players take on the roles of medical specialists turned CIA agents to investigate and prevent the development of a new Soviet threat.

You and your team will play through a 12-month campaign, traveling the world using carefully constructed aliases to seek out the enemy and uncover their secrets. As you complete your missions, every success, failure, and decision will determine the course of history.

The clock is ticking. The world is on the brink and needs your help. This is what you trained for...

Splendor MARVEL ©2020 MARVEL

  • US Date Release: October 23rd 2020

Bring together a team of super heroes and prevent Thanos from ending the world!

Assemble the Avengers, gather the Infinity Stones and when ready, claim the Infinity Gauntlet!

Splendor Marvel uses Splendor’s core rules and high-quality materials, with a new endgame trigger, new rules and new victory conditions.

©2020 MARVEL

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